Top Recommended Day Trips from London

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Top Recommended Day Trips from London

The old saying goes, “If you tire of London, you tire of life.” Many people travel to London to see the popular tourist destinations, to go shopping or reconnect with friends, or to see new things in London that they’ve never seen before. For those who think they’ve seen everything in London and can’t possibly see anymore, you’re wrong! There’s much more to visit in the areas outside of London than you ever would have imagined. Here are some ideas for day trips that you could take if you’ve already seen the popular tourist destinations in London and are ready to explore some of the countryside on your own. Oxford and Cambridge. Although these two cities are home to separate universities, they share many similar characteristics to the point that the two universities together are simply referred to as Oxbridge. Oxford is approximately an hour’s train ride from London Paddington Station, and Cambridge is about 90 minutes from London Paddington. Both cities have easy walking access from the main train stations, and are easily walkable by tourists. Bath. Bath, approximately one hour and 35 minutes from London Paddington, is the home of the famous Roman baths. Tourists to Bath have the opportunity to tour the baths as they are today, with many of the charms and details still present from the early Roman times. Bath is also well-known for its quaint streets, detailed architecture, and picturesque parks and scenery. You’ll be able to have high tea in one of many cafes, as well as the famous Sally Lunn buns. Cardiff. Located about 2.5 hours west of London, Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. Like with Oxford, Cambridge, and Bath, trains to Cardiff leave directly from London Paddington Station. Once in Cardiff, you can walk about 10 or 15 minutes from the train station to many of Cardiff’s prime destinations for shopping and dining, as well as sports. Cardiff also is home to the National Museum of Wales, the Wales Millennium Center, and the ever bustling Cardiff Bay. All of these attractions are within walking or a short train ride from the main Cardiff train station. Paris. Thanks to the Eurostar and the Chunnel, Paris is indeed just a short day trip away when you’re in London. Whether you’ve been to Paris before, or this is your first trip, you can’t pass up this opportunity to be whisked away to Paris in style. In less than 2 ½ hours from London, you’ll soon be in Paris. There, you can sample fine pastries, see exquisite art at the Louvre, and be able to do some once-in-a-lifetime shopping along the Champs Elysees. For those who want to do the Eurostar, but are tired of Paris, consider taking a quick two-hour trip to Brussels and all the excitement it offers!

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